| BLE-ND Adjusting light to life
BLE-ND, LED, light
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Adjusting light to life

What is BLE-ND

The name BLE-ND is an abbreviation for Bluetooth Low Energy – New Definition. This platform connects mobile phones and tablets directly to luminaires without needing any additional converting devices. This new technology can create any RGB light colour and switch from warm white to cool white.

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BLE-ND starts by connecting mobile phones and tablets to luminaires without needing additional converting devices. Through light you can communicate in a newer and smarter way. It is possible to connect your luminaires and mobile phone to Building Management Systems.

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BLE-ND is only made for LED technology. The BLE-ND app will be available for iOS.


PCB small downlight

  • Highly sophisticated LED luminaire based on Bluetooth Smart Technology
  • Controlled via smartphone, tablet or wireless controller
  • Best quality white light available on the market
  • Integrated Bluetooth antenna enabling a control range of up to 20m
  • IOS controlled apps



Luminaires can be controlled directly via your smartphone without needing a converting device.

The best light quality

A new technology designed to create any RGB light colour and to switch from warm white to cool white.

Use your own luminaires

Our PCB board can be implemented in your own luminaires.