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What is BLE-ND

The name BLE-ND is an abbreviation for Bluetooth Low Energy – New Definition. BLE-ND enriches the possibilities with light. This platform connects mobile phones and tablets directly to luminaires without needing any additional converting devices. It is a new technology designed to create any RGB light colour and to switch from warm white to cool white. The luminaires can be controlled by the new Bluetooth wireless open standard. Using our app, you can make your own groups of luminaires and adjust them the way you choose. This innovation can be implemented in an existing luminaire. You can also customize the app to suit your company’s look and feel.

Bluetooth Smart technology

Bluetooth® itself states: “Bluetooth Low Energy, also called Bluetooth Smart, is the power- and application-friendly version of Bluetooth that was built for the Internet of Things (IoT).” The traditional Bluetooth first appeared in 1994. This wireless technology allowed us to connect devices with other devices for communication purposes. This technology is not just about communicating in a traditional way. It allows seamless communication between devices, local applications and the cloud.

Throughout the years we have seen Bluetooth evolving in one of the smartest technologies ever created. At the beginning Bluetooth was used for directly, wirelessly sending data or files from one device to another. Over the years we saw Bluetooth becoming a standard technology for more and more devices. At the same time the speed of connection increased greatly. In 2010 ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ or better known as ‘Bluetooth Smart’ was introduced.

Internet of Things

Not only people are online these days. Think about machines, cars, luminaires, mobile phones, accessories, houses; they can all be linked through internet, making it possible to share information in a smart way. This is called: ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’.

Think about driving home from work. Half an hour before your work day is done, your car starts to warm up so you won’t be cold. When driving, your car sends a signal to your home that you will be there in about 15 minutes. In your house, the thermostat and lights go on. When pulling up the driveway, your garage door will open automatically.

This technology opens up a whole new world for us and offers endless possibilities, not only for the B-2-C market, but also for the B-2-B market. A red light goes on in unused offices or rooms, allowing cleaning companies to check whether or not a room is used and needs to be cleaned. Among other things it can also be used for safety purposes. For example: Your car can get a warning message when you approach an iced road, advising you to slow down. Or a car will slow down itself.


BLE-ND starts by connecting mobile phones and tablets to luminaires without needing additional converting devices. Through light you can communicate in a newer and smarter way. It is possible to connect your luminaires and mobile phone to Building Management Systems; think about the opportunities this offers! BLE-ND wants to make life and work easier and more efficient.

BLE-ND market

BLE-ND is a platform developed for the B-2-B market. We saw a growth path in this technology in the B-2-C market, but why not develop something even smarter for the B-2-B market? During the design and development phase we focussed on light quality. There is a significant difference between low voltage technology and the BLE-ND technology. With Low Voltage technology you can choose to install your luminaire at 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. With BLE-ND you can directly control your luminaire and choose any light temperature ranging from 1800K up to 4000K with a CRI of 96! You can also choose to install your luminaires with any RGB colour you want.

BLE-ND works with development partners. This could be interesting for wholesalers, for example. If you fill in the form at our page ‘where to buy’ your contact information will be send to the closest development partner. They can offer you a final product: luminaires containing BLE-ND technology.


Do you have another idea for BLE-ND? We are interested to get in touch with innovative development partners. We have the ability to design a customised product for your company with BLE-ND. Please check our contact page for more information.


BLE-ND is only made for LED technology. The BLE-ND app will be available for iOS.


PCB small downlight

  • Highly sophisticated LED luminaire based on Bluetooth Smart Technology
  • Controlled via smartphone, tablet or wireless controller
  • Best quality white light available on the market
  • Integrated Bluetooth antenna enabling a control range of up to 20m
  • IOS controlled apps